inspired and purposeful floral design 

Hi, My name is Kate. The florist behind Refuge Floral Co. My story isn't easy or pretty but it's why we do what we do. I became a florist in my late teens and as it turns out, found my healing through flowers. When I was 14 I was sexually assaulted. I was afraid and alone; I had no idea that there women's centers and organizations for young women like myself to turn to. After spending the better part of my teen years afraid and in pain, I made the decision to seek out beauty and good things in the world. I went to college, explored a variety of different career paths, including art, horticulture, floristry and history.  I got involved with a florist in my hometown. Slowly, I felt better and better; being around such abundant beauty helped heal the hurt in my heart and still continues to do so. Once I found beauty and safety in one place, it allowed me to look for it in other aspects of my life. I continued to work with florists for the next few years. During that time I found about resources and women's groups for women like me and pledged myself to them when I wasn't slinging blooms. After several years of doing both, I have found myself in a unique position to share my healing story and perhaps provide a tools and space for women who are interested in doing the same. So in the summer of 2016 I set out to do so. I started Refuge Floral Co. I was doing weddings, events and subscriptions on my kitchen floor. Despite not having a social media account or website to speak of, word of mouth and the caring Nashville community caused me to keep growing.  In addition to donating our part of our proceeds, I invite women to come and join us - to help us create beauty. Be it through working weddings and events with us, learning about cut flowers or helping support local women's groups through purchases, I want to invite you to share in my story. If my story resonates with you or women in your life, feel free to drop us a line or come on over and see me - let's continue to chose beauty and healing together.